• Provide bikes and education to kids in need.

Our goals:
  • Establish as a non-profit organization to serve the North Austin area and surrounding communities.

  • Partner with schools and other social service organizations to provide their kids free bikes.

  • Establish internship programs for students with learning and or communications barriers (we have ties to special education and deaf ed. programs) to teach bike mechanical, tool, and shop skills.

  • Provide a space for motivated volunteers to lend their skills and knowledge for this cause.

  • Promote cycling and awareness in the greater North Austin area, and complement existing cycling initiatives.

How we get there:
  • Register as a non-profit organization to solicit financial support, and acquire warehouse/work space in the North Austin area to increase the rate and quality of output.

  • Set up our space to receive bike and/or part donations to fix bikes, so we can reach as many kids as quickly as possible through partner organizations.

  • Paid teaching position(s) to efficiently manage teaching programs, and make our internships effective.

  • Paid or volunteer coordinator position(s) to manage volunteers and focus efforts where they can make the most impact.

  • Initiate community events (neighborhood rides, bicycle grocery runs, repair clinics, etc.) to inspire kids to ride their bikes.